Democrat candidate 'outraged' after her raunchy party photos surface on the internet,Sarah Palin

An embarrassed candidate for U.S. Congress has recently learned that crystal ball gazing is not just confined to clairvoyants.
The 28-year-old Democrat candidate, unfortunately named Krystal Ball, was left furious when she discovered that raunchy photos of herself had surfaced on the internet - allowing anyone to gaze at them for as long as they liked.
Ms Ball called the leak ‘outrageous’ and ‘incredibly sexist’. But she did not rule out the possibility that she herself might have posted them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and that they were lifted from there.
She said the photographs - including one showing her wearing a Santa hat and simulating a sex act with a phallic-shaped false nose being worn by her ex-husband - were snapped at a costume party six years ago when she was 22.
Yet while she disagreed with the political views of women like Sarah Palin and Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell, she told the Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, Virginia, that she thought ‘they have been subjected to very unfair, sexist attacks’ because of their gender.
Ms Ball insisted she had no clue how the photos came to be online. But, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter (she has accounts with both), she admitted it would become increasingly likely that embarrassing pictures of candidates would be posted for all the world to see.
She added: ‘It's going to become increasingly common as my generation steps up and runs for office more frequently. I suspect that more people will get used to that and they already are.
'But because we're still in the early phases of that, it was important for me to get out in front of this.’
She pointed the finger at her Republican opponent, Congressman Rob Wittman, for instigating the smear.
But the congressman denied any knowledge and his spokesman said he had requested that the photos were removed.