Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Best startup business ideas in 2016 and why startup failed mostly

How to make money is a big question on Google but why?

kickstarter is doing good but again its less .
Why mostly startups failed in 2016? In a big countries like USA, England , China ,India , Brazil , Pakistan and Korea its a hot topics for young students .
Every year thousands of students free from universities and searching for job but its hard,job market is harder day by day.
People like Bill Gates and Steve jobs hard to see because young people want to raise like night moon.

Startups success story of the past 10 years is mostly in TECH companies, with a few new companies business in the Research its hard to survive them .Infographic shows every year 85% american startsup failed to reached their Goals.
 But there is good news also.
Smart phone companies like Apple , Samsung ,huawei ,Xiaomi ,Nokia , OPPO create billion dollars business for people.
Now people are making money from apps and games .
At itunes and google play there is billion dollars business so its good news for new startups.
Mostly Startups are from USA and Israel.
SO its a Great opportunities for people.
Apple iphone 7 is a great innovation .And at christmas people can buy hardware and apps and make good fortune.

Apple Xcode and swift 3 is also dominating on android market .
Its the best time to learn swift 3 and earn.
Best programming language of 2016 and 2017 is swift 3 .
So its a good chance to start a software house and make money online and from clients .
Best startup business ideas in 2016 and why startup failed mostly.
Reskin apps and games is a flop idea in 2016 and 2017 lets see but people are trying.

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