Wednesday, December 15, 2010

honeybee killer

honeybee killer, on Google trend so sad,Terry Misener worked with so-called Honeybee Killer Gary Amaya, the one-time caretaker at former Lake Tandem Lodge on East Pine Bluff Road.
The assailant approached his victims with strange questions, asking one man about honeybees and another about construction material, then pulled out a gun. He came to be known as the honeybee killer.Now, authorities believe the man responsible for the shootings was killed during a robbery in an Orland Park tanning salon over the weekend.  Misener was called to Lake Tandem Lodge six to eight times a year for many years to repair and maintain the plumbing and heating fixtures. He worked closely with Amaya on the projects.
He had opinions on the different jobs that he had. He wasn’t very happy with them. He had a different attitude toward people. As far as a caretaker is concerned, he seemed to do a pretty good job,Misener said.
He was involved in ham radio. He lived by himself. He had guns, but he lived in a rural area and was involved in hunting and the like.
McDaniel was able to grab the gun from the robber, and during the struggle, shot him twice. The gunman, later identified as 48-year-old Gary Amaya, died an hour later. Now that's a real hero, that McDaniel. Anyone can carry a gun around all the time and shoot bad guys whenever they act up, but it takes a real man to take the gun off one of them and blast him with it.

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