Thursday, December 16, 2010

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange bail granted by court

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange bail ,Good new for all of you,its a war against people the Govt of different country,
Court today granted bail for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, dismissing an appeal from prosecutors. Mr. Assange is wanted for questioning on allegations of rape and sexual assault in Sweden committed last August.
The Guardian says this morning that "Justice Duncan Ouseley agreed with a decision by the City of Westminister earlier in the week to release Assange on strict conditions," including giving up his passport, wearing an electronic tracking device, and checking in with a local police station nightly.Not good for Usa.
A British judge on Tuesday had granted Assange release from jail on bail of $310,000, though less than two hours later, an appeal announcement indicated that Assange would remain in custody for at least another 48 hours, the Associated Press reported.
breaking that,we all happy.

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