Thursday, December 16, 2010

TIME magazine Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year 2010

TIME magazine declared Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year.Its time to say that the raisinf power of facebook & decreasing power of Google,one more think that people fear about their data on facebook is not safe,facebook give it to FBI. Only TIME magazine can do something controversial by avoiding controversy. I’m speaking, of course, of the more obvious pick for Person of the Year, Julian Assange. With the WikiLeaks dump still fresh and flowing, there is certainly an argument to make that Assange had more effect on the world than Zuckerberg. But I think that Time magazine got this one right.But I still don’t think Assange should be the person of the year, at least not this year. The WikiLeaks dump occurred late in the year, and its full effects have not yet been felt. I hope that plenty of good comes from the disinfecting light WikiLeaks shines on our government. Even more, I hope that WikiLeaks will turn that light on banks and major corporations, who could be deceiving us even more than the government ever imagined. At the moment, though, it is still hard to gauge the effect that the WikiLeaks dump will have.
Julian Assange should be considered a front-runner for Person of the Year in 2011. Once we’ve had a chance to watch the butterfly effect from the released documents become a full-blown hurricane in Washington, D.C. and abroad, then I think we will be able to determine whether Assange deserves the title that TIME bestows.

ThisNobel Committee awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course the prize was not for anything the president had accomplished thus far. The man himself even questioned whether he was deserving of the award. Instead, it was a vote of faith and confidence in the potential that the new American president had to reverse the warrior path down which America had turned under the previous administration. Except now, a year later, we have to look back on that award and wonder if it actually worked, and if there was ever hope that it would in our real political world. Its the bad news for all.

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